Myanmar Trip Report

A Quick Recap

We had a wonderful week in Myanmar as a part of our last trip, filled with Reading Room learnings, football/soccer playing and much more!

  • Strategic friendships were formed in the Reading Room training we offered. Dennis Owens instructed and encouraged parents and educators. The founder of a well-known private academy was with us, along with many lovely mothers, babies and grandmas.

  • A beautiful spirit of fellowship surrounded the four days of football competition and evening outreaches. The local team, under Pastor David's mentoring, has become skilled at creating a warm and joyful atmosphere which keeps the athletes engaged.

  • On the closing night, Pastor David introduced Jesus and His love for all people, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, every one of us. You could have heard a pin drop in the hall as David shared for about 20 minutes. Many teams came as groups to receive the written and recorded versions of the Book which tells of the love of Jesus. I had a profound sense of being in the middle of a miracle. This is a result of your prayers.

Get the recap on the Vietnam part of the trip here.

Some photos from Myanmar

Pho Chan’s Story: Growing in Love & Grace


Several years ago, we told the story of Pho Chan’s conversion when Pastor David shared about the love of Jesus to teens. His family beat him on his back with bamboo rods until the blood flowed. He was disowned for following Jesus Christ. Pastor David opened his home and taught Pho Chan the life of following Jesus Christ by making him part of their family. He learned a trade, participated in family devotions and grew in connection and service at the local church.

Today Pho Chan is strong in his faith. He married a passionate, lovely believer whose English name is Ruth. She leads worship and prayer at the church. God has blessed them with a beautiful son. Besides driving a taxi (converted 3-wheeler motorbike), Pho Chan is a vital part of the Glory soccer team. He also serves as a coach of the Eagles team, which is an outreach boys team targeting poor neighborhoods. His family is warming to his faith as they see him as a loving and successful man, husband, father and son.  

It is gratifying to return year after year and see the growth within members of this beloved fellowship. This is the fruit of love and New Testament discipleship. How beautiful is the Body of Christ!

Thank you for your prayers for continuing growth among new believers in Myanmar.

2,000 Hear Christmas Message in Myanmar

Christmas, the festival of the Christians, is a perfectly acceptable time to engage a Buddhist, Hindu or animist about your beliefs and customs of celebrating. There is a measure of curiosity and openness during a festival that is a window of interest to share about the love of Jesus Christ and His coming to earth as a baby. Pastor David leads his congregation wisely to invest in outreach at this most opportune time for evangelism. It is our joy to partner with them!

Children from the reading room sing and dance at a Christmas Celebration

Children from the reading room sing and dance at a Christmas Celebration

This year, House of Glory held eight outreaches during the month of December in various villages, the reading room, at Sister May's farm and on the property where the church will be built in the year to come. One thousand Evangelistic Bibles in Burmese were made available for those interested. Many chose to pick up a Bible after hearing the story of Jesus and listening to the songs. Delicious food was served and small presents were given to each attendee.

Honoring students and parents at the Reading Room

Honoring students and parents at the Reading Room

Pastor David shares:

"I could share about Jesus and His birthday by explaining why He came to the earth as a human at this Christmas time. I could explain His divinity as well. Other gods in the world were illuminated from man to god, but Jesus became man from God to save us sinners. I could give them examples of religions which could not save, as compared to Jesus alone through His resurrection power, so they might compare. Their sincere interest in the good news made my message go 90 minutes long!"

Delicious meals were served to hundreds in eight locations last month

Delicious meals were served to hundreds in eight locations last month

Thanks to your prayer and giving, 2,000 people heard about Jesus this December in Myanmar. God's Word will continue to speak to hearts as they read and remember the message shared with love and passion. Cell leaders and church planters will return to these neighborhoods to continue to build relationships, have Bible studies and bless the communities. Phone numbers were given out in case of questions.

New believers gather for preaching, prayer and fellowship

New believers gather for preaching, prayer and fellowship

Jim and I are humbled and amazed at the servanthood, the sacrifices of the church body and the spiritual hunger displayed by a large percentage of those in attendance.

Hunger for God's Word is beautiful in any culture

Hunger for God's Word is beautiful in any culture

"Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away." Matthew 24:35

Let us pray for a mighty harvest of souls from the seeds sown in these outreaches. What a privilege for Jim and me to labor with you in lifting Jesus up as He draws sons and daughters to Himself.

With love and thanks,


Stewarding God's Family: October Trip Update

This article originally appeared in our November 2018 newsletter.

Pastor David had made the arrangements for the “Stewarding God’s Family” Conference and sent invitations across the nation to key couples in ministry. Then, the conference hotel where reservations had been made called David to inform him that the agreed upon rate for rooms and food had tripled! David emailed us with the news and we all prayed — with urgency!

Another conference center with more basic accommodations just “happened” to have a cancellation so the facility would be available on just the right days and the cost would be less. 

This meant that even though the venue was not as nice, more couples could attend. Instead of 15 couples in ministry, there were 35!


A goal of Firefall International is “transforming nations through compassionate partnership.” This conference was an example of that.

Nancy and I (Jim) shared the teaching load with Pastor David and his wife, Diim Te, and also the associate pastor, Daniel and his wife, Diim. In addition, worship and morning devotions were led by nationals. We wish we could express to you the joy of seeing our spiritual sons and daughters ministering in the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit.

When God Stepped In

There is a moment in the conference that stands out to me. I was teaching from Romans 16 where Paul is thanking those who worked with him in the gospel. His list is about equally divided between men and women. Paul was not teaching doctrine or defining ecclesiastical positions, he was just thanking those who did the work. My purpose was to show that, in Paul’s view, women were equally acknowledged and appreciated for their service in the Lord.

As I was talking about Paul thanking those faithful workers, I started to thank those in front of me for their work. As I did, it was if I stopped speaking and God was speaking through me right to their hearts. I felt the compassion and gratitude of the Holy Spirit for these unrecognized giants of faith. I thanked them for boldly going into demonic strongholds, for sowing seeds of the gospel with tears and faith into hard ground, and for persevering in the midst of all kinds of persecution and resistance. I felt these words of gratitude go into their hearts like water into thirsty ground.

Later Nancy and I interviewed one of our Firefall associates who is planting a church in one of the hardest regions of this dark nation. He said that it was the first time someone had said “Thank you” for the sacrifices he and his family were making.

In some ways this conference was like Ezekiel’s vision where he spoke life into dry bones and they became an army. I’m convinced that spiritual victories will be won and the kingdom extended because of your prayer and sponsorship of these couples. Thank you!

Testimonials from Conference Attendees

I had never attended this kind of seminar, emphasis on balance in family and ministry, though I had served in the ministry for twenty years. I learned the importance of family in the ministry. That changed my opinion and lifestyle in the ministry for the future. I firmly believe that my family life and my ministry would be more fruitful and blessed as I would implement what I learned from this seminar. Thanks a lot and may our Lord bless everyone those who participate to conduct this kind of seminar in our nation!
My perspectives on woman role in the ministry was totally changed by attending this seminar. I just considered and assumed woman as a second class or just supported instrument in the ministry because of our Burmese culture and tradition. When I listened about the teachings on Roman 16 and serving husband and wife together in ministry, the Lord changed my perspective and now I submit my life to prioritize the role of women in our ministry and church in the coming days.