From the beginning...

Firefall International was formed in 1994 by Jim and Nancy Pennington in response to a call to international ministry.


More about us

The name “firefall” comes from the account of the challenge between God’s prophet, Elijah, and the prophets of the false god, Baal (1 Kings 18). Elijah repaired an altar, prepared the sacrifice and prayed. He did what God had instructed him to do.  Next, God did his part. Fire fell from heaven, burning up the sacrifice causing the people to respond in worship, “The Lord- he is God!”

Like Elijah, we do what God has called us to do, giving our lives and hearts to impart what he has given to us. And, like Elijah, we see God work in amazing ways. He does what he alone can do- transform lives.

Firefall International has served in over 25 nations so far. For the past years our efforts have targeted the access restricted nations of Asia. In these areas followers of Jesus are seeing God work, like fire falling from heaven. It is our joy to serve these men and women.

OUR vision

We invest in mentoring relationships with national leaders — spiritual sons and daughters making sons and daughters.

OUR mission

Providing resources for creative outreach to transform communities by addressing their areas of need, both physical and spiritual.

Hear from Jim & Nancy


I have never participated in this kind of conference in my whole life. The messages of knowing the love of the Father, transformed by the Holy Spirit, and blessing the community as Jesus did are absolutely wonderful. They give new encouragement and energy for our ministry. They empower us to move our ministry and vision forward for His Kingdom.
— Leadership Conference Participant from Myanmar

What We've Achieved

With your support, we have been able to touch many lives in the past 20+ years.

  • Planted dozens of churches across Asia

  • Disaster relief in the form of water, food, clothing and other supplies

  • Educational sponsorship of children in Myanmar

  • Sponsored several football (soccer) teams that have impacted hundreds of teens

  • Evangelic outreach to unreached people groups

  • Leader training for church and ministry leaders

  • Microloans to help small business owners

  • Establishing a Reading Room in Myanmar