From soccer to reading to church leading, we are involved in a wide variety of international projects

Most of our work is done in Asia, specifically Myanmar, Vietnam and China.



Firefall International serves as a bridge between the church in the West and the East. We bring resources of Biblical training, leadership skills and spiritual mentoring as we partner with men and women whom we respect because of their deep faith, passionate prayer and sacrificial lifestyles. Together our goal is to facilitate vibrant, healthy churches that transform lives and transform communities to the glory of God.



Good seed. Good soil, sun and water. Healthy growth. Reproduction. Multiplication.

This is a pattern of nature. A seed in good soil, properly nurtured, grows to maturity, producing fruit, reproducing itself and multiplying its fruitfulness.

This is also how Jesus’ kingdom penetrates the darkness. This pattern is how our prayer is answered, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Jesus plants churches nurtured by the Holy Spirit that grow and reproduce through the sacrificial obedience of his followers.

Firefall International partners with with national leaders to plant churches. We provide encouragement, mentoring and other resources. We pray and work with national leaders asking the Lord for transformed lives and transformed communities. Jesus works through the planting and growth of healthy and vibrant churches. Darkness is overcome by light, fear is conquered by faith, despair is replaced by hope and Jesus is glorified in the earth.

Through outreach ministries, people become followers of Jesus who, before, had never heard his name. New believers are formed into churches in places where a church has never before existed. In this way the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations in being fulfilled.



Jesus’ earthly ministry was deeply spiritual but also practical. He met physical, emotional and social needs and taught his followers to do the same (Mt. 25:34-36).

Firefall International is engaged in feeding the hungry and comforting the suffering. This takes many forms. Some aid is given in response to a crisis like providing essentials (food, water, clothing, blankets, etc.) in times of flood, fire or famine. Others are ongoing such as medical care and housing. Still others are long-term investments to improve lives through educational sponsorships and microloans that help families move from poverty to productivity.



When Jesus walked along the shore and recruited fishermen Simon and Andrew, he promised, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Mt. 4:19). We believe this promise is for us and every follow  of Jesus. As we partner with leaders in Asia, Europe and the United States, we see football (soccer) as a means of relationship building, evangelistic outreach and mentoring of followers of Jesus.

The affinity for football is worldwide, providing a natural bridge of connection through the establishment of football clubs for children and sponsorship of tournaments for more seasoned players. Relationships fostered before, during and after play open the heart to the love of Jesus demonstrated by team leaders and teammates. Respect for believers and for the Christian faith has grown in areas where these investments have been made.

focus on neighborhoods

As our hearts are linked to neighborhoods through the vision and work of our national associates, we invest in sustained and specific projects which provide neighborhood enrichment. The Reading & Tea Room in Myanmar and English Language Classes in Vietnam are examples of investing resources in a specific community for the benefit of all.

While not evangelistic per se, these programs are resulting in goodwill within the neighborhoods while lifting the levels of literacy and education. As always, bridges of friendship and connection are strengthened.

coaching leaders

The coaching paradigm involves skilled listening, powerful questions, honest feedback and the formation/execution of action steps toward a specific goal. Nancy is a trained leadership coach who serves pastors and ministry leaders in several nations through coaching.

In addition to personal coaching, Firefall International has mobilized teams of trained coaches to equip leaders in Africa, Europe and Asia.