2017 in Review: Expansion & Innovation


The word that comes to mind when I (Jim) reflect on the work of Firefall International in 2017 is expansion and innovation. OK, that’s two words, but we’re seeing the Creator give innovative strategies to expand the kingdom of God and bring glory to His Name!

Through your prayer and support the Lord is transforming lives, families and whole communities despite cultural and spiritual resistance to the gospel.

Think about Jesus with the woman at the well, or the woman caught in adultery. To anyone who knew the context, Jesus’ witness was dead in the water with no way to penetrate the cultural resistance to the good news of love and forgiveness. Then (and this is what makes the story engaging) Jesus found a creative way to penetrate the wall of rejection and build a bridge of redemption. The result was life and a transformed community. Jesus wins!

Jesus is still opening hearts and transforming lives, even when it requires penetrating cultural resistance through:

When we pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done…,” we can thank the Lord for visible answers through Firefall associates and their innovative expansion of the kingdom of God. They are wise as serpents and gentle as doves.

At the end of the day (or year) we enter into the joy of the harvest (Psalm 126:5-6), rejoicing with the angels that sinners repent (Luke 5:7, 10)!

Thank you for your investment in Firefall and the vision to transform nations through compassionate partnership. We give all the glory to God!

Together in the harvest,

Jim, Nancy, Grace and Firefall Associates