Month of Harvest: Football Ministry

Myanmar - USA - Spain

Working together for eternal victory! 

Glory Football Club - 2017 National Amateur Champions

Glory Football Club - 2017 National Amateur Champions

Four years ago, Dan Fernandez and others from Athletes in Action Spain joined Firefall International in a partnership with Pastor David to demonstrate the love of Jesus through sport, namely football (soccer to us in the USA). Prior to this time, David was discouraged in his efforts to share the gospel with those who had no reference for Jesus Christ at all. Traditional methods of witnessing or handing out tracts were having no effect. In desperation, he cried out to the Lord. As he prayed, he heard a challenge to use something he was passionate about to build a bridge of relationship for heartfelt conversation in the future.

Hear what the football ministry has meant to Dan:

For David, this "passion" was simple…football! He began by coaching young men in his town with an interest in football. At times, the number was up to 90, coming from Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu backgrounds. Of these, 14 have already received Jesus Christ as Lord. Many more are coming to David with spiritual hunger and questions. 

Please pray with us in this season of harvest. Dan and players from Spain will return to Myanmar in late March 2018 for Firefall Challenge #4. This is four days of football matches and evenings of laughter, music and testimony from athletes about the love of Jesus.

In the past four years, Glory Football Club has won 14 trophies, becoming the amateur champions of the township (2015), region (2016) and just last week, the entire nation! The players realize they are not as good as many other teams and should not be winning. They remark that they feel an unusual power or strength with them as they play. David is more than happy to explain Who this power is! He wisely waits until they have a comment or question before sharing.

Local citizens celebrate Glory footballers

Local citizens celebrate Glory footballers

The benefits of the football team have been many. Parents thank David for offering an activity to keep their children off the streets, away from drugs and constant internet gaming. Some of these parents formerly looked down on David as an outsider, but now they are friendly. Community leaders and authorities who once persecuted David for this faith are now thanking him for his coaching leadership and welcoming the team with flowers and trophies at citywide parades. 

In addition, the Eagles team for young boys was formed as an outreach two years ago. The members are 8-16 years old and from a very poor neighborhood. 

Eagles Team with Spanish Athletes

Eagles Team with Spanish Athletes

They practice on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, learning the basics of football, having snacks and exposure to concepts of respect, diligence and good sportsmanship in an atmosphere of fun and encouragement. Firefall assists with funds for equipment and nutrition for the practices. 

In early December, Dan and his wife from Spain will join Jim and Nancy in Myanmar to train 15 Christian athletes selected by Pastor David to replicate this type of sport outreach throughout the nation. With your financial and prayer support, we can continue to invest in creative strategies to lift the community and share about God's love through Jesus Christ to hungry hearts.


Giving Update: We Need Your Help


Great news! We are now at 38% of our goal of $50,000 for October, Month of Harvest!

Only one week to go! Please prayerfully consider your investment in the work of Firefall International. If you would like to "join the team" and help us continue the Firefall football ministry, use the button below to give (and notate it is for the Month of Harvest).

"Don't you have a saying,'It's still four months until harvest'? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest." John 4:35

Prayer Points:

  1. Continued spiritual hunger and open hearts among football players
  2. That new converts become grounded disciples who make more disciples
  3. That the December Training of the 15 leaders will be multiplied across the nation.