A Cuppa with Nancy

Sand in My Shoes

Today’s cuppa is a fine Earl Grey tea from Sri Lanka, crafted by Dilmah. This is the first tea of its type that does not need milk to tame it for my tastebuds. Just a sliver of lemon and I am good to go! The fruity and full taste is simultaneously bracing and calming. It is a tea I will surely pack for teatimes, both morning and afternoon, during the many hotel stays to come.  

As my departure date for Myanmar ticks down to one week away, my expectation and excitement is rising. Crazy as it sounds, I love travel! Many ask how I can stomach the 16-hour, non-stop flights, the cramped seating, the oxymoronic “airline cuisine” and the jet lag which gift wraps both the departure and return across multiple time zones. 

To my mind, these things represent a small, low door one stoops to pass through into a wide arena of tastes, sights and experiences.  

My work with Firefall International gives me the privilege of strengthening national believers who are introducing the person of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard of Him.  I receive much more than I give. My heart is enlarged and challenged by interacting with heroes of the Christian faith.

My grandmother loved to travel, too. She used to say, “I’ve got sand in my shoes,” as she and Pa rambled across southwestern USA for month-long tours in their camper after retiring from their dry goods store in our small Kentucky town. I get it. Jim can attest that I am happiest when there is an open suitcase in a corner of our bedroom. I fill it with culturally appropriate clothing, a few creature comforts and items like copies of “The Jesus Film” on DVD in the Burmese language. Sometimes it’s vitamins for children, whatever is needed at the time.

Please do not pity me for the globe-crossing treks I make. To others, they might be torture. In my eyes, this love of travel is part of God’s design of me for the work He has given. Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

How satisfying to realize that my delight in travel is part of God’s design and delight, too.

The suitcase is open, the packing list lies beside it. Let the countdown begin! Please join me on this adventure by praying day by day. A prayer itinerary will be emailed out next week, so make sure you're signed up for our emails.