House of Glory

A "House" for House of Glory Church

A new building project for a church is always a challenge. A new building for a church in a Buddhist country opposed to Christianity is almost impossible – almost!

Most of you have prayed for and supported Firefall’s partnership with House of Glory (HoG), a church in Myanmar where David is the lead pastor. Since the beginning of our partnership years ago, we’ve watched HoG rent buildings and be kicked out, sign long-term contracts and had them broken, all because they are Christians and because they are seeing new followers of Jesus every week. They’re not just meeting together, they’re transforming their community.

For years while extending the kingdom of God, they have dreamed of having their own building that can’t be taken from them. They still cannot build a church building. While they have been building bridges with the community and goodwill with the leaders there is now favor to help them serve the community in other ways.

They CAN build offices for their wildly successful (as in national champions) soccer team, Glory Football Club. They CAN also host administrative offices for the Glory Reading Room which is an educational asset to the community.

See the building progress above.

The church members have funded the lion’s share of the property purchase and are now taking the construction step by step.

Jim gives an update of the backstory of how Firefall partnered with House of Glory to purchase land for their facility.

So far, the walls, gates, septic system and toilets are done. You’ve probably figured out that the physical construction is not the greatest challenge. Government permission is the real obstacle. Here’s David’s report about how it’s going on that front.

“Now, we are asking official permission with legal documents from the government to build our main building. The chief of our community is helping us to receive it. He recommended our activities through Glory Football Club and Glory Reading Room. The main key is receiving official permission from the government soon.”

Please continue to pray for the government permission to be granted and the project to be completed. Even more than that, pray for the continued growth of the kingdom through new believers and the multiplication of church plants for the glory of God.