Firefall Missionaries Counting the Cost

A highlight of the trip this fall for Jim and me was time spent with two evangelists Firefall supports monthly in Myanmar. These men attended our leader conference and brought other hungry disciples with them. They are serving in areas resistant to the gospel. This resistance means anything from ridicule to the destruction of property and endangerment of their lives.  


They are young men with families who have obeyed the call to build a bridge for the good news by establishing their homes and serving in the most basic of ways. One of the men shared that he visits the hospitals, serving and praying for those who have no one to care for them. He does this out of love for Jesus in his desire to demonstrate the love of God. His young family has faced rejection and persecution, yet the call to see souls come to know the love of Jesus Christ compels him. We rejoice that they are seeing fruit for their labors in faith.

Pastor David oversees these men on behalf of Firefall. Jim and I were honored to have time in prayer with these two. Their pure zeal to extend God’s kingdom, whatever the cost, touched us deeply. Knowing that we and other partners of Firefall care for them personally made a huge impact on them.

Please pray for these two men and their families as they are daily sowing seed into hard ground out of love for Jesus Christ.

missionaries-1218 2.jpg

Speaking of sowing seed, there will be eight outreaches in Myanmar in the month of December. Please pray for favor with attendees and an openness to the story of Christmas among those who have never heard. Pray that the evangelistic Burmese Bibles will fall into hands of those ready to receive the good news of Jesus Christ.

One thousand people will attend these outreaches. If you would like to provide Bibles for those attending, the cost is $1 each. (Use the button below and note “Bibles” in PayPal.)

Thank you for investing in prayer as we join our faith with those serving in these eight events with food preparation, drama, child care, the preaching of the good news and Bible distribution. May there be a mighty harvest of souls and may Jesus receive the reward of His suffering.

Joy to the world, the Lord is come! Let earth receive her King! Let every heart prepare Him room. Amen and amen.