Learning About the Persecuted Church

Families who have experienced persecution in Myanmar who Firefall supports.

Families who have experienced persecution in Myanmar who Firefall supports.

My "history" with the persecuted church goes back about 10 years ago, to my first internship at Voice of the Martyrs in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. If you've ever been to Bartlesville, then you know that there is not too much there other than a few oil museums, a cute little downtown (where the office was located) and a Frank Lloyd Wright building. They also had some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever experienced, since the land is so flat compared to my home state of Arkansas and now home of North Carolina.

I spent that summer not doing quite as much writing or editing as I had hoped, but I got to do plenty of learning. I learned about how the persecuted church spans countries and languages and cultures. I learned countless stories of Christians who had been beaten or even killed and yet did not give up their faith in Jesus. Most of all, I learned to look up to this strong and brave community of believers.

And I'm glad that today, along with Firefall, I'm able to have a part in supporting persecuted Christians (especially in Myanmar). This can range from sharing stories of persecution and ways to help to all of you through an email or having specific people to pray for myself.

That's why I'm so excited that I get to attend Firefall's upcoming Eyewitness Accounts of the Persecuted Church on October 14.

It is a special event taking place at the Garland County Library in Hot Springs, Arkansas that will be featuring stories from the persecuted church in Myanmar from our very own Firefall associates Pastor David and his wife, Dimte.

I would encourage anyone who can to register to attend this free event and be able to join the conversation about this important topic.

Who knows what type of inspiration, prayer points or stories you will leave with?