Well Project Update

Well Project Has Begun in Myanmar

You might remember in our newsletter last month that we wrote about House of Glory planting a house church in a village of Nepalis in Myanmar. There are about 400 people in the village, and they need a well so they can have safe drinking water. 

It gives us great joy to share with you that the well is now being dug for the village just outside of Pastor David's city. Very soon, a community of 300-400 people will have access to clean water all year-round.

The well will hold about 2,500 liters (about 660 gallons) of water and should be completed in about two weeks.

We are sharing photos of the dedication of the well site, which was last week. There is a small house church nearby. The water will be shared as a blessing from the love of God and your love, too, as a friend of Firefall. Let us pray for success in the drilling process, for a free flow of pure water and for news of the One who gives "living water" made known to thirsty souls in this area.

Praying to dedicate the well

Praying to dedicate the well

The combination of good works accompanied by a living witness has proved very fruitful in this nation. May this water open the hearts of many to hear of the love of God for them.