Team Reflections

A few weeks ago, Nancy and the team returned from their trip to Myanmar for the Firefall Challenge Cup #3!

It was a fantastic trip with new relationships formed, personal growth and lots of fun football (soccer) playing. 

We want you to hear directly from the Spanish soccer players about how the trip impacted them. Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter to get the full trip report next week!

soccer players
To serve in such a different reality has made me think about my service and commitment in my daily life.
It is an honor for us to help you and the Firefall ministry.
All my trips to Myanmar change parts of my life. It was really a blessing to me to bring a Spanish group with me. This makes me feel really happy, and is worth all the time invested in this project. 
It's been a challenge for me, and I think that it was the first trip of thousands.

It’s changed the way I see things, and it gave me another point of view to understand God and the different ways of sharing his word.