Month of Harvest: House of Hope in Vietnam

Caring for Children in Vietnam

Imagine you’re a child and your parents have uprooted your family to a new city, so they can find work and pay for food and school. Or imagine something happened to your parents and you have nowhere to go.

I don’t know about you, but it’s very difficult for me to picture myself in one of these positions, and I really wish I could do something to help the children and families who find themselves there.

Minh and Blessing

Minh and Blessing

Although this is currently happening in countries across the world, Firefall associate Minh and his wife, Blessing, are doing something to help through the House of Hope ministry in Vietnam.

Not only have they taken in several orphans for nearly two decades, they have also been teaching English classes and feeding and educating children while their parents are at work for the past few years. They have a singular passion for reaching children in their community and have already noticed a difference in the environment of their part of the city with fewer children on the streets or susceptible to violence.




Many Ministries of Hope

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For the daycare side of the House of Hope ministry, about 20 kids enjoy teaching, group activities and three meals a day. Then, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 5-8, Minh hosts English classes for about 30 different children of varying ages, using the Bible to help them improve their writing, listening, reading and speaking skills to help them get a leg up in life.

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We are thrilled to partner with Minh and Blessing in their pursuit to educate, house, feed and empower these children who could have so easily been forgotten. In fact, this summer three volunteers from Pine Bluff, Arkansas visited the House of Hope to help out for a few weeks.

Read about their trip in this Cuppa with Nancy post

Minh invites any Firefall friends interested in serving to come volunteer with the children. Contact us in interested.

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Are you also passionate about helping children learn, grow and learn more about the gospel? If so, use the button below to give to our Month of Harvest campaign and goal of $50,000 for ministries like this one.

With your help, we will be able to continue to support the House of Hope and make an impact in dozens of children’s lives, while allowing Minh and his wife to fulfill their unique calling in their community.

Prayer Points:

  • More local staff to help out and English-speaking volunteers
  • Resources to keep the ministry running as more children join
  • Wisdom and encouragement for Minh and his wife

Month of Harvest: Humanitarian Aid

Firefall Meeting Needs

During October, we’ll take a look at some of the ways Jesus is using your financial investment in Firefall International to transform lives, and even whole communities through our Month of Harvest campaign.


Your generous giving helped people in desperate need suffering from floods, fires, natural disasters and violent persecution. You also brought clean water to two villages.

It’s hard for me to imagine spending hours each day carrying water from a distant stream for my family. All the while knowing that after all the strain and struggle the water would be dirty and infected. What would it mean if all of a sudden I had access to abundant, clean water because someone half a world away cared about my problems?

Well, you cared in Jesus’ name and provided clean water wells.

20170830_141156_resized (1).jpg

In two villages in Myanmar (Burma) the Christians are no longer seen as a threat to the community but as a great blessing. These church plants are now seen in a positive light. Instead of threats of violence, these followers of Jesus hear expressions of thanks. The kingdom of God is coming to these villages through acts of compassion, provision of clean water and hearts that are now open to the life-giving gospel of Jesus.

This month, would you consider a generous gift for the ongoing ministry of Firefall International? God is using you to change lives for His glory!

Give below and notate “Month of Harvest” on PayPal to help us reach our $50,000 goal during this Month of Harvest.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the house churches in these 2 villages that they can bring others to Jesus.

  • Pray for hearts of the villagers. Pray that their gratitude for water brings openness to the gospel.

  • Pray for new believers to become strong disciples who disciple others.

Check back in next week for another story of exciting Firefall projects.