Bridge to Life & Video Interview

Our Firefall International associate in Vietnam was visiting us last month. We were sharing lunch in a restaurant on a rainy Saturday when he related a painful memory. Even though both of his parents were still living, he had been abandoned by his family. He remembered standing in the rain as a 7-year-old. With night falling he had no place to go to get out of the rain. He asked himself, “Where can I go tonight? Where can I stay?” Underneath those questions was a deeper one. “Why doesn’t my mother love me enough to take care of me?” He shed tears at our meal as the pain of that moment returned.

Over 30 years later, no one would know the heartache of abandonment he lived through. He is a loving husband and father of two. He has built a home for orphans (he was caring for 9 street children when he and his wife were married!) He is reaching out to his neighbors with the gospel through English lessons, which Firefall International is helping to sponsor there. He’s also helping to send the gospel to an unreached people group in the remote mountains of Vietnam.

The early church was faced with adversity and persecution. That caused the believers to scatter like seeds in the wind throughout Asia Minor, taking the gospel with them and planting vibrant churches as they went (Acts 8:1-4, 11:19-21).

For the early church, and for our associate, adversity was turned into opportunity. He became a bridge to life for the orphans and street children of Vietnam.

What adversity are you facing today? How can God work through it to make you a bridge to life?

Well Project Update

Well Project Has Begun in Myanmar

You might remember in our newsletter last month that we wrote about House of Glory planting a house church in a village of Nepalis in Myanmar. There are about 400 people in the village, and they need a well so they can have safe drinking water. 

It gives us great joy to share with you that the well is now being dug for the village just outside of Pastor David's city. Very soon, a community of 300-400 people will have access to clean water all year-round.

The well will hold about 2,500 liters (about 660 gallons) of water and should be completed in about two weeks.

We are sharing photos of the dedication of the well site, which was last week. There is a small house church nearby. The water will be shared as a blessing from the love of God and your love, too, as a friend of Firefall. Let us pray for success in the drilling process, for a free flow of pure water and for news of the One who gives "living water" made known to thirsty souls in this area.

Praying to dedicate the well

Praying to dedicate the well

The combination of good works accompanied by a living witness has proved very fruitful in this nation. May this water open the hearts of many to hear of the love of God for them.  

Cuppa with Nancy

A Symphony of Serving

I've been home from Myanmar for a few weeks. Yes, it's wonderful to return to my husband, my creature comforts and my two labs. Of course, there's no place like home. Each day I return to memories of the acts of service I received while there. To witness and partake of joyful serving is to be touched, softened and changed.

I am enriched by spending time among a community of Jesus followers who have learned how to serve. Pastor David's mother remembered my favorite Burmese snacks and welcomed me with them at the football stadium. Sister May insisted I wear one of her coats during a chilly night of Firefall Football Challenge activities in her courtyard. Jonah, our driver, arrived at our hotel on time and with a wide smile on his face, even when we had tire trouble on the road.

At May's farm, food for 200 was prepared, aluminum plates were filled, delivered and later washed in a symphony of serving. The laughter in the kitchen among the cooks and servers made the rest of us jealous to be with them. They understood the secret of serving and their joy was contagious.

I return with a deeper appreciation of the way serving touches the heart and paves the way for the love of God to enter. I know this because I experienced it firsthand. There's a fresh longing in my life to follow the One who said,"For who is greater, the one who is at table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves." Luke 22:27

Time to give it away!

Team Reflections

A few weeks ago, Nancy and the team returned from their trip to Myanmar for the Firefall Challenge Cup #3!

It was a fantastic trip with new relationships formed, personal growth and lots of fun football (soccer) playing. 

We want you to hear directly from the Spanish soccer players about how the trip impacted them. Make sure you're signed up for our email newsletter to get the full trip report next week!

soccer players
To serve in such a different reality has made me think about my service and commitment in my daily life.
It is an honor for us to help you and the Firefall ministry.
All my trips to Myanmar change parts of my life. It was really a blessing to me to bring a Spanish group with me. This makes me feel really happy, and is worth all the time invested in this project. 
It's been a challenge for me, and I think that it was the first trip of thousands.

It’s changed the way I see things, and it gave me another point of view to understand God and the different ways of sharing his word.

Jesus Gives Life (Easter Post)

On my last trip to Yangon, Myanmar, Nancy and I took our U.S. ministry team through both a Hindu temple and a Buddhist holy site with hundreds of temples. In both places people were repeating prayers and making offerings, hoping that they could merit a better reward in the next life. It’s always hard for me to see these acts of empty worship. Sincere, certainly, yet empty.

A woman who grew up as a Buddhist recently gave her life to Jesus. When asked about the difference she observed, “Buddhism has some good teachings, but Jesus gives life!”

People who follow the teachings of Buddhism or Hinduism live in a vain hope that somehow they can merit divine favor. We who hope in Christ have already entered into the blessing of our loving Father through the offering of a perfect life, given for us, once for all (Hebrews 7:27).

While other religions may offer good teachings or good advice, we bring good news to a suffering world. We have news of a historical event. Jesus rose from the dead, defeating sin and death, and now lives to make us alive in him. Like the woman said, “Jesus gives life!”

He is risen. He is risen indeed!

I'm on the Prayer Team with You

When Nancy and I (Jim) travel to the nations, we always ask for your prayer support. I vividly remember times facing critical situations. There were times when we saw miracles of provision, or direction, or protection from the schemes of the enemy. In those times, we stopped to thank the Father for the miracle, but we also thanked Him for praying partners, knowing that the miracles were answers to your prayers.

I’m With You

This time I’m with you. I will be at home, working at my job, going through the routines of life, and praying for Nancy and our Firefall partners half a world away. I know how important it is to be on the prayer team!

Praying Daily

It is a great blessing to know that many of you follow the ministry itinerary day-by-day, praying specifically, praying fervently, and praying in faith that Jesus will be glorified. I join with you responding to the plea of Jesus, “Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:38

On the Winning Team

Together, we can transform nations through the power of prayer as we partner with Nancy, the group from Spain, and our Firefall team in Myanmar. You are just as much a part of this ministry team as they are. You are the unseen warriors in the battle to rescue souls from eternal darkness.

Thank you for going on this trip in prayer. We share together in Jesus’ finished work. He defeated death, rose in victory and reigns forever!

If you would like to receive Nancy's trip prayer itinerary, comment with your email or sign up for our email newsletters below.

A Cuppa with Nancy

Sand in My Shoes

Today’s cuppa is a fine Earl Grey tea from Sri Lanka, crafted by Dilmah. This is the first tea of its type that does not need milk to tame it for my tastebuds. Just a sliver of lemon and I am good to go! The fruity and full taste is simultaneously bracing and calming. It is a tea I will surely pack for teatimes, both morning and afternoon, during the many hotel stays to come.  

As my departure date for Myanmar ticks down to one week away, my expectation and excitement is rising. Crazy as it sounds, I love travel! Many ask how I can stomach the 16-hour, non-stop flights, the cramped seating, the oxymoronic “airline cuisine” and the jet lag which gift wraps both the departure and return across multiple time zones. 

To my mind, these things represent a small, low door one stoops to pass through into a wide arena of tastes, sights and experiences.  

My work with Firefall International gives me the privilege of strengthening national believers who are introducing the person of Jesus Christ to those who have never heard of Him.  I receive much more than I give. My heart is enlarged and challenged by interacting with heroes of the Christian faith.

My grandmother loved to travel, too. She used to say, “I’ve got sand in my shoes,” as she and Pa rambled across southwestern USA for month-long tours in their camper after retiring from their dry goods store in our small Kentucky town. I get it. Jim can attest that I am happiest when there is an open suitcase in a corner of our bedroom. I fill it with culturally appropriate clothing, a few creature comforts and items like copies of “The Jesus Film” on DVD in the Burmese language. Sometimes it’s vitamins for children, whatever is needed at the time.

Please do not pity me for the globe-crossing treks I make. To others, they might be torture. In my eyes, this love of travel is part of God’s design of me for the work He has given. Ephesians 2:10 reminds us that “we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

How satisfying to realize that my delight in travel is part of God’s design and delight, too.

The suitcase is open, the packing list lies beside it. Let the countdown begin! Please join me on this adventure by praying day by day. A prayer itinerary will be emailed out next week, so make sure you're signed up for our emails.


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A Cuppa with Nancy

Nancy receives a coconut stuffed steamed bun at a riverside tea shop in Myanmar.

Nancy receives a coconut stuffed steamed bun at a riverside tea shop in Myanmar.

Today the cuppa is not my usual tea, but a delicious pour over from Ethiopia. I sip the dark and fruity brew and look out the window, studying the bare limbs of trees saluting the pale winter sky. My heart is still but full of expectation for 2017. "What is your promise for me, Lord?"

As I wait, a verse comes to mind. "Ask of Me and I will surely give the nations as your inheritance." Psalm 2:8. In this verse, Father is speaking through the ages to Jesus. As these words land in my heart, I am reminded that in Christ Jesus, this promise is mine as well. We are family. His mission is my mission. 

My response is a big smile from the inside out. I want to know the heart of Father more and live in confidence as He brings it to pass.

My heart inquires, "Lord, how do you want to order my day to extend the inheritance of Jesus?" For me, this involves conversations over lunch and afternoon tea with dear friends plus research and emails while planning the outreaches through soccer in Myanmar in April. Being a 62-year-old soccer mom is more fun than I could have ever imagined. I am grateful for my unconventional assignment, filled with wonder that He picked me for His team so many years ago. 

Firefall Challenge Cup #3: April 5-8

The History of the Football Challenge Cup

Two years ago, we joined with Pastor David in central Myanmar to assist in bringing his dream of evangelism through sport to reality. Athletes in Action leaders from Spain joined the event to share testimonies in the evening sessions and to build bridges of friendship athlete to athlete.The six teams (from all over the nation, comprised of 50% non believers) ate together, played together and heard about the love of Jesus Christ for them through music, drama and testimonies of athletes. 

Watch this video to learn more

The 2017 Cup

This year's Challenge Cup will be April 5-8, 2017. The Spanish Team joining us has multiplied from 3 to 6 members. They will produce a documentary about this year's tournament and give training in sport evangelism to church leaders as well as the coaches. For the Burmese, having Spanish soccer players in their nation is wonderful. Myanmar is crazy for soccer and the Spaniards are seen as among the best! As the Spanish players share their journeys with Jesus Christ, the combination of respect and transparency is powerful in conveying the good news. Pastor David believes we will reap a mighty harvest of souls in this our third tournament. The time is now!

In addition to hosting the tournament, House of Glory Church has begun an outreach to young boys using soccer. The team is called the Eagles and they meet every Saturday under the direction of a spiritual son of David's who is also an excellent soccer player. The Spanish Team will have six days of training and sharing with these 20 boys. In fact, we will invite the boys to bring their friends for a couple of the training and sharing times. The boys are impoverished and have never heard the name of Jesus. 

How can you "join the team"?

When we divide all Firefall expenses among the 150 football players who will be impacted, the cost is $65 per playerWould you prayerfully consider sponsoring 1, 3, 5, even 10 players? 100% of your gift will go to this creative evangelistic outreach.  (Just make a note on PayPal that you would like to give to the football outreach.)


We have now reached out goal of 150 sponsorships!

Thank you for your generous help and support!